Bastrop County Judge Paul Pape

Proven Conservative Leadership
• In my sixth year as Bastrop County Judge, seeking re-election to this important job
• Standing up for and fighting for the citizens of Bastrop County
• Gathering the facts, seeking good advice, and making wise decisions 

Administrative and Judicial Experience
• Passed 5 conservative budgets with well-deserved salary adjustments for performing employees
• Reduced the property tax rate 4 out of the last 5 years - to the lowest rate in over 17 years!
• First County Judge in 20 years to hear probate, estate, and guardianship cases, thus delaying for the County the cost of another court at law or district court.

Clear Vision for the Future
• Rebuilding Bastrop County's natural beauty and restoring the things lost in the fires
• Working on fire-risk mitigation to reduce our exposure to catastrophic wildlife
• Promoting a strong, diversified economy - broadening our tax base
• Building safer roads and bridges
• Improving the quality of life throughout the county
• Managing conservatively - Operating efficiently

"Through conservative leadership, wise decisions, and community involvement, we are rebuilding, restoring and reinforcing the hearty spirit that makes Bastrop County a special place to call home.